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The magic of dog photography

In my last post I talked about how well Axel performed for the camera, despite only being 12 months old. He was curious about what I wanted him to do and with plenty of treats on hand was a willing participant, resulting in a series of beautiful photos that I know his human will treasure forever.

Whippet dog Axel standing at the top of a set stairs
The old staircase

The number one thing I hear from dog owners after they look at my photos is, I couldn't book a session because my dog won't sit. Or stand. Or look at the camera. Or be off lead and not run away.

The thing is, none of that matters. Most dogs look nicer, more natural, when they are doing anything but sitting. A sit pose does look nice for a portrait, but even in that situation is not necessary.

A standing dog tends to look more active, interested in what is happening, providing a more dynamic photo.

Take the above photo. If Axel was sitting, it would look completley different. Standing at the top of the stairs, looking down at the camera, his curiosity shines. If you look close enough you'll see the tip of Axel's tail is blurred - a slightly slower shutter speed means the movement is captured, adding an extra element of liveliness.

You might find yourself responding to my reply by answering, but Kim, my dog won't stay still for even one second if there is no lead attached to their collar. To which I reply, as would 95% of pet dogs. Which is great, because a lead means it's easier to situate a dog where I want them and keep them there.

So how do we get to the above photo? Well, that's where the magic of editing comes in. With a little bit of work from me, the below photo becomes the one above. For her privacy I have added a sticker over the face of Axel's human, but aside from that this photo is straight out of camera, meaning it is the scene as it appeared when it was taken.

Editing out unwanted elements, such as humans, leads, a stray leaf in view when it shouldn't be there, is all part of the magic of dog photography. So if you've been putting off booking a dog photography session with me because you don't think your dog will be a superstar, I promise you that together we'll be able to create magic.


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